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Premium White Potato Market is Taking off with EarthFresh’s Polar White

As winter weather dominates the country, customers are encouraged to Break the Ice with Polar White potato promotion.

EarthFresh today launched a new winter promotion highlighting their premium white potato variety - the Polar White. This stunning white potato with an excellent taste profile is a growing favorite throughout the US.

Shilo Sammy, Director of Customer Insights at EarthFresh

Shilo Sammy, Director of Customer Insights at EarthFresh:
“White potatoes are up 10% across the US, and the Northeast remains the dominant region accounting for 50% of all white potato sales nationally.”

“East coast consumers consistently purchase white potatoes, but this variety is taking off everywhere. There is a significant opportunity for retailers to attract the loyal white potato consumer by featuring this premium quality white potato.”
Part of EarthFresh’s Potatoes of the World program, The Polar White was discovered in New Brunswick, Canada. Known for its bright, white skin color, even in the middle of the winter, the Polar White is now available year around.

The Polar White was discovered in New Brunswick, Canada

It also packs a powerful punch full of nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and vitamin B6, all of which contribute to a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet.

Shilo Sammy:
“As more and more meals are being prepared at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consumers continue to seek variety with an emphasis on boosting health. White potatoes are an easy option that deliver on adding healthy variety to your everyday meal plans.”