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Porbatata wants to increase potato production in Portugal by 20% in the next two years

Porbatata wants to increase potato production  in Portugal by 20% in the next two years

The Association da Batata de Portugal wants to increase the production of this tuber by 20% in the next two years, through a promotion campaign, which has an investment of more than EUR 20,000 (about USD 21,415).

Porbatata launched a campaign to promote the consumption of Portuguese potatoes. With Miss Tata, a brand created by the association in 2020, Porbatata intends to promote the consumption of this food in the period of the greatest production, which runs from May to September.

In response to Lusa, the association stated that the goal is to increase potato production in the country by 20% in the next two years, so that production meets at least 70% of consumption needs. The campaign has an estimated investment of over EUR 20,000 (about USD 21,415), a value that also includes dissemination in international media.

However, the amount does not include the investment made by the large distribution chains that adhere to the campaign, promoting the brand, for example, in brochures and posters. The objective of this campaign is to show that the Portuguese potato is "the freshest and most delicious, the closest (and therefore with the smallest ecological footprint) and the essential ally in a healthy diet".

Quoted in the same document, the president of Porbatata, Sérgio Ferreira, recalled that Portugal only produces between 40% and 50% of the total potatoes consumed.

Sérgio Ferreira, the president of Porbatata:
"We know that we produce well and with quality. We also know that we have the capacity to increase production. It is very important to invest in promotion and overcome the current difficulties so that the sector becomes stronger."
For her part, the deputy general director of the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED), Mónica Ventosa, said that support for national production is a "continuous commitment" of distribution, "which has sought to strengthen and deepen the relationship with national producers".

In 2021, potato exports accounted for more than EUR 18 million (about USD 19,2), with the European Union being the main destination market. The highlight is for Spain, which absorbs 48% of national exports in value. Potato production in Portugal is around 450,000 tons, while 'per capita' consumption exceeds 90 kilos per year.

This campaign is part of the project to promote the Portuguese potato in foreign markets, which has the support of Portugal 2020, within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program.