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Equipment manufacturer Sormac awarded top energy rating for its new production facility

Equipment manufacturer Sormac awarded top energy rating (A+++++, the highest level achievable) for its new production facility

As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of machinery and processing lines for the fresh-cut industrymaking sustainable choices is central to Sormac’s business operations. The development and construction of Sormac’s new production facility is a perfect example of this. The choices made during construction have resulted in the highest achievable energy label by the Dutch government.

The Dutch government requires all offices to monitor and certify their energy consumption. Businesses have to consider insulation, the type of lighting, heating and cooling, plus other things. The offices, located in Sormac’s new production facility, have an energy label A+++++. The highest achievable level!

The offices in the main building have energy label A +++. A fraction less, but still excellent as some parts of the building date back more than 50 years.

From 1 January 2023, existing office buildings are required to have an energy level of at least energy label C. By 2030, all office buildings must have energy label A certification. In this respect, Sormac’s buildings are therefore more than future-proof!

Sormac's new production facility

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