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Südstärke GmbH have concluded their 2021 potato starch production campaign this week.

Südstärke potato starch storage

Südstärke GmbH has concluded its 2021 potato starch production campaign.The 2021 production campaign was the most difficult in decades, even team members 40+ years with the company cannot remember anything close.

Due to a cold spring 2021, vegetation was behind for 2 – 3 weeks in August and harvest started late. In September, they had to interrupt production because heavy rainfall stopped the harvest and no potatoes were available to process.

In the fall, supply chain interruptions accumulated and finally caused shortages and delays of many chemical raw materials and processing aids. To top it off, energy prices exploded in October and again in December.

During the whole campaign, Südstärke staff and farmers had to battle COVID-19 in addition, causing strict hygiene measures and higher-than-normal sickness rates.
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