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Google hypes the Pixel 6 in Japan with bag of Google Original Potato Chips

Google's next flagship product in Japan: potato chips

September 21, 2021
Google is going all out to advertise its next flagship phone around the world. In Japan, it offered 'Google Original (Potato) Chips' to highlight the new Tensor SoC in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
Binegaaa! potato chips: Calbee educates Japan on salt & vinegar

Binegaaa! potato chips: Calbee educates Japan on salt & vinegar

August 28, 2020
Salt & vinegar may be a popular flavor in the United States (4th place) and even more so in the UK (2nd place), but it ranks nowhere in the top choices for Japanese consumers, who usually prefer plain salted, nori seaweed and salt, beef or chicken stock (consomme), sour cream or wasabi.
Pepsico India launches new Lays campaign: 'Love to Love it'

Pepsico India launches new Lays campaign: 'Love to Love it'

January 21, 2016
It's still a month to go for Valentine's Day but Pepsico India is already ready to celebrate love, albeit, in a quirky way through its new Lay's campaign - 'Love to Love it'.
Kurkure Family

India: PepsiCo's salty snack brand Kurkure is back with a whole new family

March 11, 2013
PepsiCo's salty snack brand Kurkure's latest ad campaign has arrived at a rather appropriate time. The Rs 9,400 crore Indian snack market is growing at a very healthy pace, about 25 per cent a year.
Bingo Tangles

ITC Foods launches new TV Commercial for Bingo Tangles

March 06, 2013
ITC Foods has launched a new TV Commercial for its Bingo Tangles. The TV Commercial (TVC) created by Ogilvy &Mather Bengaluru went on air on 15 January.
Lays cola flavored potato chips in China

Lays launches Chicken Cola flavored potato chips in China

December 16, 2012
Pepsico is taking its global Power of One program to jointly promote beverages and snacks a step further in China, with the marriage of two Pepsi brands in a single product: Pepsi-Cola chicken-flavor Lay's potato chips.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
From the first McCain Foods India TV campaign

McCain Foods India launched its first TV campaign in India

October 11, 2011
With more than 1.2 billion people, India is the second most populated country on the planet and offers ample opportunities for markets of all stripes. So why not frozen food? Canada’s McCain Foods has annual revenue of $6.5 billion.


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