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Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable packaging

Crunch time for potato chips manufacturers as EU waste targets loom
The European Commission has set an EU-wide objective for all packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2030. However there is no easy packaging solution (yet) for manufacturers of potato chips.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Guardian switches to potato starch wrapping
Readers of The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom have been opening their weekend paper to find supplements wrapped in a compostable material made from potato starch.
Walkers Launches First UK Recycling Scheme for Crisp Packets
Walkers is launching the first nationwide recycling scheme for potato chips bags, locally known as crisp packets. Working with recyclers, TerraCycle, the scheme will tap into an established network of recycling collection points around the UK.
Cutlery made of biodegradable potato plastic made it to the shortlist of this global design competition
Many of the 20 contenders for this year’s prestigious James Dyson award focus on ways to create a more sustainable future. Cutlery made of biodegradable potato plastic made it to the shortlist of this global design competition.
Two Farmers launch Herefordshire inspired potato crisps in compostable package
The Two Farmers crisps line has been unveiled as a new series of snack chips for consumers in the United Kingdom to enjoy that are sure to satisfy their desire for a crispy indulge that doesn't come at the expense of the environment.
Walkers starts a recycling effort for potato chips bags after protests
Potato chips manufacturer Walkers - a subsidiary of Pepsico - starts a recycling effort for potato chips bags in the United Kingdom after consumer protests.
Empty chip bags mailed back to Walkers in protest against plastic packaging
British potato chip maker Walkers is being inundated with mail deliveries of its own packaging. Empty bags are mailed to Walkers to hold the company accountable for its packaging waste and to pressure the company to come up with a better design.
México: Producen bioplástico de la cáscara de papa
Estudiantes del Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México (IPN) crearon un bioplástico a partir de la cáscara de papa, que tarda de 4-5 meses en degradarse y ayuda a reducir los residuos sólidos urbanos generados por la sociedad mexicana.
Tuesday, July 31, 2018