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European potato field. Courtesy: European Potato Processors’ Association (EUPPA)

World Potato Congress 2026 to be held in Nairobi, Kenya

May 23, 2023
World Potato Congress Inc. has announced that World Potato Congress 2026 will be held in Nairobi, Kenya. The theme for the event is 'Developing Global Potato Partnerships for Enhanced Food Systems, Food Security and International Trade'.
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Norda industries favors Markies for the production of potato chips in Kenya

October 06, 2022
Markies has already become the number one for potato chips in Kenya. Simultaneously Markies is also increasingly demanded by Kenya’s crisping industry. A good example is Norda Industries who favors our Markies variety for their potato crisps.
Vegetable Processing Plant: Correctional Services PS Zeinab Hussein, Nyandarua Deputy Governor Cecilia Mbuthia, Lands executive Lawrence Mukundi, Agriculture executive James Karitu and Finance counterpart Mary Mugwanja at the site.
(Courtesy: Ndichu Wain

Potato processing factory to be built at Ol Kalou, Kenya

May 10, 2019
A potato and vegetable processing plant will be built soon in Ol Kalou town. The factory, a collaboration of the Department of Correctional Services and Nyandarua county government, will mitigate post-harvest losses ...
A selection of the potato products of the processing companies involved. Tropical Heat (left) offers a range of potato chips in different flavours, cuts and packaging. Sereni Fries (right) offers potatoes for the preparation of french fries in hotels and

Potato Processors Kenya initiate contract farming to deal with shortage of potatoes for processing

September 09, 2016
In a sign of a maturing market, two potato processing companies in Kenya - Tropical Heat - a snack manufacturer - and Sereni Fries said they will sign contracts with growers to supply 600 tonnes of potatoes every month in order to assure their supply of potatoes suitable for processing.
Logo of the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI).

KARI develops potato varieties suitable for chips manufacturing in Kenya

November 08, 2010
The Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (Kari) is testing new potato varieties ahead of a planned release next April for mid- and high-altitude regions.

Nairobi's restaurants and local chips processors face potato shortage due to Kenyan violence

February 05, 2008
A shortage of potatoes is expected to hit restaurants in Nairobi and other towns in the next few weeks because of the violence that has crippled the Rift Valley Province.Nairobi has more than 800 restaurants and over 40 local processors of crisps whose...
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