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Potatoes in Australia: mashing previous records.

Frost causes heavy damage to potato, vegetable crops in north India

January 24, 2023
Potato farmers in the northern parts of the country have suffered heavy crop losses due to ground frost owing to the fall in temperatures in the last week.
Producing fertilizer without carbon emissions

Producing fertilizer without carbon emissions

January 13, 2023
Researchers at ETH Zurich and the Carnegie Institution for Science have shown how nitrogen fertilizer could be produced more sustainably. This is necessary not only to protect the climate, but also to reduce dependence on imported natural gas and to increase food security.
Potato crop

Boyacá, Colombia: El ICA entrega medidas fitosanitarias para evitar la Punta Morada de la Papa y proteger los cultivos

December 26, 2022
La presencia de nemátodo globodera pallida, cuyo incremento se está provocando por la alta presencia de lluvias, ha ocasionado reducción en la producción hasta del 70% y 90%.
Potato field in Peru

Perú: Un año fatídico en el campo

December 25, 2022
Mientras el país atraviesa una grave crisis política, pocos recuerdan la situación de emergencia que viven los agricultores peruanos. Al golpe que supuso la pandemia este año se sumó la crisis de fertilizantes y la sequía provocada por La Niña.
The food pavilion at COP 27 hosted panels, conversations and presentations about the food systems impact on the climate crisis. (Courtesy: GreenBiz)

Food Systems in the spotlight at COP27 climate action negotiations

November 24, 2022
For the first time, food and agriculture systems have taken center stage in the global climate negotiations. COP27 has advanced the global recognition of food and agriculture as both a climate culprit and solution.
Fresh potatoes on the field

Update on ADAPT potato variety trials in Austria (Nov 2022)

November 05, 2022
The ADAPT project aims at developing new strategies to make potatoes fit for the challenging growth conditions of the future. Within this project, potato varieties trials are conducted in Austria.
Alex Docherty of Sky View Farms in Elmwood, P.E.I., said a tarp barn at his farm was completely destroyed and another was severely damaged.

PEI potato farmers worried excess moisture from Fiona may damage crops

September 30, 2022
Prince Edward Island (PEI) potato farmers say they are concerned excessive moisture in the fields caused by the storm Fiona may lead their produce to rot in storage - though they hope that is not the case.
Climate change will reduce the total potato production in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany by 7 to 11 % despite an increase in hectares, according to the latest estimates of the North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG).

NEPG: Climate change will reduce the total potato production in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany by 7 to 11 % despite an increase in hectares

September 15, 2022
During its last meeting prior to Potato Europe 2022, the North-western European Potato Growers (NEPG) estimates that global potato production in the NEPG zone (EU-04) will be down by 7 to 11 %.
Patata cosechada.

Campaña de la patata: se prevé una reducción de la cosecha por las olas de calor

September 04, 2022
Las altas temperaturas afectan a la producción de patata de A Limia, con menor cantidad de tubérculos y de menor tamaño. Variedades como la Agria son de las más afectadas. Conocemos las previsiones cuando comienzan a arrancarse las plantaciones de temprano.
French potato producers describe the 2022 campaign as 'catastrophic'.

French potato producers describe the 2022 campaign as 'catastrophic'

August 31, 2022
Faced with a historic collapse of potato yield potential due to extreme heat and drought extreme heat and drought, the French Potato Producers Group, UNPT, calls for an immediate reaction from economic agents and public authorities to support the French production.


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