News On Dehydrated Potato Products from Denmark

AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch business
October 17, 2022

AKV Langholt acquires Cargill’s share in potato starch joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S

With effect from October 7, 2022, the Danish farmer-owned cooperative AKV Langholt AmbA has acquired Cargill’s 50% share in their mutual joint venture Cargill-AKV I/S.
Nicolai Hansen, Managing Director of Danish Potato Starch manufacturer KMC
September 05, 2017

How Danish Potato Starch Manufacturer KMC is 'Taking Food Forward'

Nicolai Hansen, Managing Director of potato starch coop KMC explains how the company is 'taking food forward'
KMC headquarters
October 05, 2015

KMC rebranding: an ingredient supplier going beyond potato starch

KMC is no longer 'just' a company selling huge amounts of potato starch. Today the company is considered a serious and modern food ingredients supplier. KMC's introduces new branding to reflect that.
Novozymes' corporate headquarters in Bagsvaerd, Denmark
March 03, 2014

Novozymes offers Starch Processors new enzyme

Novozymes announced the launch of a new enzyme solution that helps make starch conversion more efficient.
 Naturebind 1341 for use in low fat spreads
October 07, 2013

KMC launches clean label potato starch for use in low fat spreads

KMC launches a new clean label potato starch developed for use in low fat spreads: NatureBind 1341
 Bjarne Larsen KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)
January 08, 2013

KMC expects increasing starch pricing over the coming months

At the beginning of 2013, Danish Potato Starch Manufacturer KMC offers their view on the starch supply situation in the new year:
 Peter Petersen
December 12, 2012

Potato Starch manufacturer KMC had another good year.

Last month, Danish potato starch manufacturer KMC reported strong financial performance of the company.
 Visit to KMC (Kartoffelmelcentralen)
September 17, 2012

Representatives from the Danish ministries visiting KMC

The Danish Agriculture and Food Council had on September 10 invited a large number of directors and senior officials from the Danish ministries to visit some of the leading companies within the agricultural and food industries. The purpose of these vi...
 Glazed bakery products
September 04, 2012

KMC: New potato starch glaze may outshine traditional options

KMC launches a new cost-effective and non-allergenic alternative to traditional egg wash and dairy-based bakery glaze. The new KMC GlazeMaker 25 provides superior shine and excellent adhesion.
 Bjarne Larsen
February 06, 2012

KMC expectations of the potato starch market for 2012

Chief Commercial Officer Bjarne Larsen of Potato Starch manufacturer KMC gives his expectations for the 2012 potato starch market. The 2011/2012 potato starch production year started with totally empty carry-over stocks due to the poor harvest last ye...
 Martin Arvad
November 15, 2011

Danish Starch manufacturer KMC presents strong results

At KMC’s annual general meeting on 11 November 2011 Chairman Martin Arvad was very pleased to present a historically strong result. The result represented a highly positive development compared to last year’s result. After several years of investment ...
 Starch Potato Field in Denmark (Courtesy KMC)
June 05, 2011

KMC expects 'below normal' potato starch availability to continue after harvest 2011

Mid May Danish Potato Starch Manufacturer KMC (KartoffelMelCentralen) offered their view on the potato starch supply based on the upcoming potato harvest.
 bjarne larsen
January 06, 2011

Not enough Potato Starch in 2011: KMC

For all potato starch producers 2011 will be a year in which it will prove impossible to meet the total demand from the customers. Also KMC’s customers will experience the consequences of the extreme weather, but everything possible will be done to m...
Nicolai Hansen new CEO at KMC
September 08, 2010

Nicolai Hansen new CEO at KMC

Potato starch manufacturer KMC announces that its board of directors has named Nicolai Hansen to serve as the company's Chief Executive Officer.
August 29, 2010

KMC: EU Potato Starch Shortage in 2010/2011? Market expectations August 2010

Danish Potato Starch manufacturer KMC provided earlier this month the following market outlook on the global potato starch sector. The outlook contains a stark warning: there may be a shortage of EU potato starch ahead:
July 13, 2010

KMC's Michael Jensen (CEO) says farewell

KMC's board of directors announced today that Michael Jensen, CEO has resigned his position with immediate effect.A resignation agreement has therefore been made and part of this agreement is that neither party states the reasons for termination of the...
 Michael Jensen and Uffe Andreassen
April 09, 2010

KMC CEO Michael Jensen: interview on potato starch challenges

For 17 years Danish company KMC had Uffe Andreasen as its CEO and he transformed the company from a raw material supplier to the food industry to dedicated partner and supplier of functional solutions worldwide. Late last year Michael Jensen took ove...
Michael Jensen to succeed Uffe Andreasen as CEO of KMC
September 22, 2009

Michael Jensen to succeed Uffe Andreasen as CEO of KMC

KMC has appointed a new CEO, Michael Jensen, to succeed current CEO, Uffe Andreasen who announced his plans to retire the post earlier this year. Michael Jensen takes over the position starting September 21, 2009


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