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Russia plans construction of potato processing plant in Smolensk region

Russia plans construction of potato processing plant in Smolensk region

February 27, 2018
The administration of the Smolensk region in Russia wants to develop the region's economy. One of the investments is the construction of a plant for the processing of potatoes and the production of native and modified starch.

Construction potato processing plant EcoFrio is starting next month.

May 03, 2012
The Russian company EcoFrio is starting the construction of its potato processing plant in Bryansk area next month. EcoFrio invests 4,3 Billion rubles (145 million USD) into potato processing plant. The company plans to produce up to 70.000 tons of Fre...

Russian EcoFrio plans to start french fry production in 2013

March 16, 2012
The Russian company EcoFrio has announced that its new processing potato plant in Russia is expected to start production in autumn 2013. The plant will be located in the Bryansk area, 350 km from Moscow to the south west part of Russia close to Ukraine...

Selkhozinvest announced construction of a Potato Processing Plant in the Tyumen Region (Siberia)

December 20, 2007
According to the department of investment policy of the Tyumen region, Ivan Dudanov, Chairman of the Directors Board of Selkhozinvest announced the company's plans to invest about EUR30 million into the construction of a potato processing plant and to...


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