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    The Russian company EcoFrio is starting the construction of its potato processing plant in Bryansk area next month. EcoFrio invests 4,3 Billion rubles (145 million USD) into potato processing plant. The company plans to produce up to 70.000 tons of French fries and 4.000 tons of potato flakes annually.

    Artist impression of the EcoFrio Potato Processing factory

    The governor of Bryansk area Nikolay Denin met the top management of the company on 26th April to discuss the details of the project. EcoFrio presented the design of the future plant and all estimates of the project. The plant would process 140.000 tons of fresh potato. The governor supported this project. Local administration presented the guarantee to this project for the Bank.

    The Russian Agriculture ministry directly subsidies this project. The Federal Government will construct a waste water treatment facility close to the factory. The EcoFrio project is considered an important national project by federal and local authorities.

    Dmitry Zavgorodniy, General Director of EcoFrio thanked the local administration for their support. EcoFrio plans to reach net sales value up to 2.6 Billion rubles (almost 90 million USD) and creates up to 145 working places.

    The Governor underlined the potential of the Bryansk area in growing potato. Local farmers produced more than 1 Million tons of potato last year. They plan to increase the area dedicated to potato cultivation.

    The potato processing plant is designed by Tummers Machinebouw B.V. and will be constructed by Quattrogemini Ltd. (Finland).

    The shareholders of the EcoFrio project (Alexey Smirnov, Sergey Rovnov) and General Director (Dmitry Zavgorodniy)