Punjab to introduce seed potato tracebility and certification using blockchain technology
July 30, 2019
To protect the interest of the Punjab farmers and uphold the state’s leadership position as the largest potato seed producing state in India, Punjab is planning the certification and traceability of seed potato using blockchain technology as of next year.
Belgian potato supply chain commits to digital data platform WatchITgrow
February 28, 2019
Three Belgian organisations, Boerenbond, Belgapom and VITO are teaming up to strengthen the future of the Belgian potato chain by jointly investing in the online data platform WatchITgrow.
Developing sensors for potato farming
February 05, 2019
Ahmad Al-Mallahi, working at Dalhousie University since October as the McCain Research Chair and assistant professor in the Department of Engineering, is working on sensors and automation to make potato farming smarter.
Telefónica Colombia y FAO presentan piloto ‘Smart Agro’
November 02, 2018
Se trata de un proceso de innovación, digitalización y análisis de datos que transformaría la agricultura del territorio nacional y brindaría mejores condiciones a la seguridad alimentaria.
Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la producción de alimentos
October 17, 2018
Cuál es su rol en el sector agropecuario? Es un tema a discutirse durante las Jornadas de Inmersión en AgTech, que se realizarán entre el 6 y 7 de noviembre, en la ciudad argentina de Rosario.
El nuevo satélite argentino anticipará inundaciones y sequías
October 09, 2018
Tiene tres toneladas de peso y una antena radar de 10 metros de largo. Producirá principalmente imágenes para el agro, la gestión de emergencias hídricas y la vigilancia del mar argentino.
Turning potatoes into plant sensors for the US Military
October 04, 2018
Researchers with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture will lead a new DARPA program of $7.5 million to use potato plants as a new, revolutionary sensor platform to detect environmental threats to deployed troops and civilians.
Mapping and evaluating the health of potato fields based on satellite data
October 04, 2018
Rezatec - a UK based company focused on the analysis and interpretation of satellite data - has in collaboration with AHDB Potatoes investigated the effectiveness of using satellite data to map the extent of potato crops in pilot locations across the UK.
Fate North Carolina Sweet Potato Crop after Florence still a question mark
September 23, 2018
The problem for North Carolina’s sweet potato farmers is knowing whether the drenching rains unleashed by hurricane Florence will have the same effect as being inundated by a flooded pond or creek. Some sweet potato fields received as much as 30 inches.
Marc Van Herreweghe new chairman of Belgapom, the Belgian association representing potato processing and trade
July 07, 2018
Belgapom, the Belgian potato trade and processing industry association, has appointed Marc Van Herreweghe as its new chairman.