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SoilEssentials urges farmers to get their soil tested to save on inputs

February 20, 2023
Farmers across Scotland are being urged to have their soils tested and analysed in the face of continuing high input prices and ahead of changes to Scottish agricultural support schemes.
Restrain CO2 Extractor at the British Potato Industry Event 2021 in Harrogate.

Restrain Carbon dioxide extractor for storages creates a buzz at potato event

December 22, 2021
With an innovation award under its belt and a new technical expert on the payroll, sprout inhibition developer Restrain was a popular participant at the 2021 British Potato Industry Event in Harrogate.
James Hutton Institute outlines 'Potato Innovation and Translation Hub' at Potatoes in Practice 2021

James Hutton Institute outlines plans for a 'Potato Innovation Hub' at Potatoes in Practice 2021

August 24, 2021
Recent advances in breeding technologies can be harnessed to fast track the breeding of new varieties. Sensors and drone technologies are driving integrated pest management solutions.
Max Tarneberg, International Product Manager for Meijer Potato

Meijer Potato installs Soil Scout sensors to monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity

June 03, 2021
In a first for Soil Scout in the United Kingdom, Soil Scout are delighted to announce that Meijer Potato have recently installed their sensors in various key locations around the country.
Measuring waterflow with the 7Sense irrigation sensor.

SoilEssentials now reseller of the wireless irrigation sensor and the T & RH monitoring system of 7Sense

November 21, 2019
The Scottish precision farming pioneers SoilEssentials announces collaboration with Norwegian company 7Sense, to be the UK’s reseller of their smart, wireless temperature & humidity sensor monitoring system and their reliable, waterproof irrigation sensor
The SoilEssentials team have worked in lab and in-field to test Tuberzone and now look forward to showcasing it at BP2019. Pictured (l-r) are Kenneth Waring, Jim Wilson and Seonaid Ross of SoilEssentials

SoilEssentials showcasing precision farming solution 'Tuberzone' for potato cultivation at BP2019

October 28, 2019
SoilEssentials Ltd will be showcasing 'Tuberzone' their precision farming solutions for potato cultivation at the upcoming BP2019, the potato industry event.
Rezatec provides AHDB Potatoes with geospatial data analytics to map the true extent of potato crops across the United Kingdom.

Mapping and evaluating the health of potato fields based on satellite data

October 04, 2018
Rezatec - a UK based company focused on the analysis and interpretation of satellite data - has in collaboration with AHDB Potatoes investigated the effectiveness of using satellite data to map the extent of potato crops in pilot locations across the UK.
Tong Engineering Caretaker reversing sensors.

New Tong Caretaker trailer reversing sensors are a hit with potato growers

September 03, 2017
Tong’s market leading Caretaker mobile (potato) grader is now available with a new option of trailer reversing sensors, make loading the grader’s hopper much quicker, safer, easier and more accurate than ever before.
 World potato Congres 2012

Space age agronomy on show at the World Potato Congress

March 01, 2012
Satellite technology developed during the cold war is set to deliver state-of-the-art crop monitoring systems to help growers improve agronomy and drive up profits. Although the technology dates back several decades, its capabilities for remote sensing...
Moisture probe in a potato field to measure the moisture content of the soil (picture added in 2017)

Frito-lay wants to run the chips factory on water extracted from the potato

May 26, 2010
Food giant PepsiCo has come up with a novel way to cut its water consumption - by extracting it from potatoes and recycling it.


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