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Restrain CO2 Extractor at the British Potato Industry Event 2021 in Harrogate.

Restrain CO2 Extractor at the British Potato Industry Event 2021 in Harrogate.

With an innovation award under its belt and a new technical expert on the payroll, sprout inhibition developer Restrain was a popular participant at the 2021 British Potato Industry Event in Harrogate.

Once every two years the whole of the potato industry comes together for the British Potato Industry Event for networking and discussing business opportunities amongst all those involved in growing, handling, processing, and retailing potatoes.

Restrain CO2 Extractor wins Innovation Award

Restrain director Dirk Garos acknowledges that there was a lot of interest in his company.

Dirk Garos, Restrain Director:
"A part of that has to do with our new CO2 extractor that has just won the National Potato Industry Innovation Award. The extractor reduces levels of carbon dioxide in potato storage facilities."

"This way, potato growers can manage the CO2 level in their storage, without having to open their hatches. As a result, other conditions in the storage facilities, such as temperature and humidity levels, are maintained."

"This is very useful for growers, as it reduces the magnitude of weight loss, and maintains fry color and energy savings, during months with low temperatures."
AHDB storage specialist joins Restrain

In addition, Restrain announced the arrival of a new colleague during the British potato event.

Dirk Garos:
"We have just hired Adrian Briddon, the leading Senior Scientist of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). He is an expert in potato storage and will join us as of 10 January 2022. It is not every day that a research specialist transfers to a commercial company."

"So, we are very excited to welcome such an esteemed specialist to our team. It was a rare opportunity for us to recruit someone who is an expert in the most demanding areas of the potato industry such as crisps, chips, and starch. Adrian is the ideal person to help our customers with technical challenges."
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