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McCain Farm of the Future Africa

Better Potatoes, Better Planet: McCain Farm of the Future Africa set to transform potato farming in South Africa

April 27, 2023
McCain Foods Limited, one of South Africa’s leading frozen food manufacturers, has officially opened its Farm of the Future Africa in Lichtenburg, North West, the second of three locations planned by 2025.
McCain Foods first 'Farm of the Future', located in Florenceville-Bristol,  Canada has already generated promising results in its first year. The farm has also attracted the attention supply chain - as this visit by a delegation of McDonald's illustr

McCain Foods announces its second Farm of the Future. Location: South Africa

June 20, 2022
McCain Foods Limited has unveiled plans for a second Farms of the Future in South Africa, as part of its drive to cut carbon emissions and tackle the impacts of climate change.
Current technology used by Potatoes South Africa is generating valuable production information on potatoes under irrigation, but more accurate information is still needed on potatoes planted in dryland conditions. (Courtesy: FW Archive)

Potato farmers in South Africa set to benefit from mobile data sharing app

January 23, 2022
The potato industry in South Africa is investing in various technologies to improve its sustainability and is in the process of developing a mobile app to improve communication with members.
As the extreme drought and high temperatures push the potato stock in South Africa down, prices rise to the highest level ever (Courtesy: Potatoes South Africa)

Drought in South Africa pushes potato prices to the highest level ever

February 07, 2016
Drought and hot conditions since September 2015 have a negative impact on yields in almost all the potato production regions in South Africa. Currently market prices are at the highest levels ever, while potato stock levels are at record low levels.
Global warming could benefit potato industry

Global warming could benefit potato industry

August 01, 2012
Climate change could result in a positive outcome for the potato industry and possibly lead to potatoes becoming one of the top staple crops in the world


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