Food regulator Australia and New Zealand is reviewing Simplot's GMO Innate potato
August 24, 2016
Australia's food regulator has called for submissions as it reviews a genetically-modified potato designed to produce less chemicals when fried.
SNAC International Praises Congress for Passage of GMO Labeling Bill
July 14, 2016
Today, the House of Representatives passed S. 764, the Roberts-Stabenow Agreement, with bipartisan support. Tom Dempsey, President & CEO, SNAC International praised the membership for their hard work in getting this legislation passed.
Innate potatoes on a cutting board, showing no discoloration.
July 09, 2016
Last Thursday, the United States Senate has passed, by a vote of 63 to 30, a bill that would create a national standard for labeling food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
GMO Labeling Compromise ready for US Senate to consider
June 25, 2016
A landmark Senate agreement on national disclosure standards for genetically engineered foods would allow companies to disclose GMO ingredients through digital codes rather than on-package langcode or symbols.
Agricultural Giant in the making: Bayer offers USD 62 Billion in Cash for Monsanto
May 23, 2016
In response to further market speculation and stakeholder inquiries, Bayer is publicly disclosing the contents of its private proposal to acquire Monsanto.
Innate Potatoes won't be grown in Canada this year.
May 22, 2016
Innate Potatoes, a newly-approved, genetically modified potato variety, will not be grown commercially in Canada this year, says Simplot.
New technique accelerates isolation of late blight resistance genes from a wild potato relative
April 25, 2016
A team of scientists from The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL) and The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) have developed a new method to accelerate isolation of plant disease resistance genes and - using their new method - a brand new source of blight resistance genes in Solanum americanum, a wild relative of the potato.
Simplot's Innate Potato (First Generation) Receives Canadian Government Clearance
March 22, 2016
Health Canada and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have completed their respective food and feed safety assessments of the J.R. Simplot Company’s first generation of Innate® potatoes.
Canadá venderá papas genéticamente modificadas resistentes al pardeamiento
March 21, 2016
La agencia de salud pública de Canadá, Health Canada, y la Agencia Canadiense de Inspección de Alimentos (CFIA) han aprobado una papa genéticamente modificada (GM) para su comercialización, afirmó este lunes la empresa estadounidense Simplot al anunciar que sus papas GM resistentes al pardeamiento podrían estar en los supermercados canadienses para el Día de Acción de Gracias.
Durably resistant potatoes with wild potato genes offer 80% reduction in chemical control
March 21, 2016
Research to develop potatoes with sustainable resistance against phytophthora via genetic modification with genes from wild potatoes and good resistance management ended with the publication of the scientific results. The approach resulted in potato plants which require 80% less chemical control.