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China: Average Wholesale Prices of Fresh Potatoes (RMB/kg)

China: Frozen French Fry Exports Exceed Imports

July 18, 2023
Fresh potato production for MY 2022/23 (September to August) is forecast at 93 million metric tons (MMT), a small decrease from the estimated 95 MMT produced in MY 2021/22 owing to reduced acreage.
A farmer holding two potatoes poses for a picture in Hongrui Village of Pingluo County, Shizuishan, northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Sept. 2, 2021

NW China's 'potato land' embraces new technology

March 20, 2023
As the potato-planting season approaches, baby potatoes from northwest China's Xiji County are making their way to the fields of farmers across the country's major potato-producing area.
Challenges and opportunitiesfor HZPC in China

Challenges and opportunities for potato company HZPC in China

February 28, 2023
Exceptional weather conditions, strict corona measures and political elections. Potato company HZPC has been involved in China since the beginning of this century, but as in the Netherlands, every year is different.
Increasing potato production for food security in China could bring varied environmental benefits. Courtesy: CIP

Growing potatoes in rice paddies is a sustainable intensification in Southern China

January 25, 2022
With approximately 19% of the global population and just 9% of the world’s arable land, China has long sought to improve food production and, in recent decades, potatoes have played an increasingly important role in that quest.
China: Average Wholesale Prices of Potatoes

Frozen French Fries Production in China Expands

October 04, 2021
In a recent report USDA-FAS forecasts a fresh potato production in China of 94 million tons for marketing year 2021/22. This is a 5% decrease from the estimated 99 million tons in the previous year, a result of decreased acreage.
On behalf of World Potato Congress President, Roman Cools, Elven Huang, WPC Director and Lu Xiaoping, WPC International Advisor awarded the plaque to Yang Yalin along with city leaders Zhang Shaoxiong, Su Jianhong, and Hao Liuyong.

World Potato Congress Inc. Recognizes Zaotong as 'Potato Plateau Seed Potato Capital of the World'

August 24, 2020
On August 18, 2020, a meeting was held in Zhaotong city, China. World Potato Congress (WPC) President Roman Cools, Dr. Peter VanderZaag, WPC Secretary and Brian Douglas, General Manager attended virtually.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Across China: Hi-tech Potato Industry Boosts Poverty Alleviation (Courtesy: )

Across China: Hi-tech Potato Industry Boosts Poverty Alleviation

August 19, 2020
The potato industry in Ulanqab, dubbed the 'potato city' of China, has become one of the main industries to help farmers shake off poverty.
Patatas holandesas de baja calidad: los comerciantes sudamericanos miran hacia China

Patatas holandesas de baja calidad: los comerciantes sudamericanos miran hacia China

August 21, 2019
Recientes declaraciones de Kuncan Zhu, gerente de la empresa china Shandong YSC Import & Export Co., Ltd
La labranza y el acolchado son clave para el cultivo de papa en China

La labranza y el acolchado son clave para el cultivo de papa en China

December 12, 2018
Según un estudio de la Universidad de Ningxia en Yinchuan, dichas técnicas mantienen la humedad del suelo y mejoran la tasa de emergencia de las plántulas.
Hillsides are terraced in the Loess Plateau, Dryland Agricultural Research Station, Doupo Village, China. (Courtesy: Xianqing Hou).

Soil tilling, mulching key to China’s potato crop

November 30, 2018
Rong Li and colleagues at Ningxia University in Yinchuan, China set out to discover if different tilling and mulching practices could improve soil moisture - and potato yields - in the Loess Plateau.


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