News on Potato Cultivation from the United States

Washington State Potato growers
May 19, 2024

Sustainable Farming Thrives in Washington State

Washington State's potato farmers are leading the charge in sustainable agriculture. They harness the state's rich resources to produce high-quality crops while preserving the environment for future generations.
Potato Museum with antique equipment at Schroeder's Farms
May 01, 2024

Patience, Persistence, Adaptability: The Schroeder Family’s Five Generations of Farming Legacy at Schroeder Brother’s Farms

The Schroeder Brother’s Farms in Antigo, Wisconsin, founded by Eric Schroeder’s family in 1879, has been around long enough to have its own potato museum on site.
OC Schulz & Sons - Potato Grading with high speed and consistent quality
April 29, 2024

How North Dakota based potato packer O.C. Schulz & Sons keeps its customers happy

'The customer is always right', that’s the motto of potato packer O.C. Schulz & Sons. This North Dakota company understands the importance of customer satisfaction and the act on it
At the top of a hill, a tractor with a 17-foot wide planter plugs seed potatoes into the sandy ground at the Ice Harbor Hilltop Farm east of Burbank. (Courtesy: Northwest News Network)
April 02, 2024

The legacy of Frank Tiegs, a Northwest Ag titan who recently died at 66

In the heartland of the Columbia Basin, amidst the sprawling landscape of Ice Harbor Hilltop Farm, Keith Tiegs, eldest son of the late business tycoon Frank Tiegs, navigates his way through the vast expanse in his white Chevy Silverado pickup.
Working in the lab, Northwestern alumnus Bill Yen buries the fuel cell in soil.
January 26, 2024

This dirt-powered fuel cell can become a perfect power supply for agricultural sensors

A Northwestern University-led team of researchers has developed a new fuel cell that harvests energy from microbes living in dirt.
The COTX08063-2Ru potato clone by the Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program is being touted as the best chance for Texas to enter into the french fry market. (Courtesy: Texas A&M AgriLife)
January 11, 2024

Texas A&M Potato Breeding Program highlights market, varietal expansions

Advances, including Texas french fry variety and nutrition qualities, to be discussed at National Potato Expo in Austin.
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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine -- January 4, 2023 -- Mario Andrade, assistant professor of potato breeding and genetics at the University of Maine in Orono, stands in a potato field at the Aroostook Farm in Presque Isle during the September 2022 harvest. Andrade too
January 10, 2024

New head of breeding program wants to save Maine potatoes from climate change

DNA science is gaining ground in agriculture, and researchers are using it to develop potatoes that will thrive in Maine’s changing climate.
Harvest Eye, a device with a screen and a rectangular object with text Description automatically generated
January 05, 2024

Potato Expo 2024: HarvestEye to showcase machine learning potato insights at Austin show

Machine-Learning driven crop insights tool, HarvestEye is set to showcase its refreshed 2.0 system at North America’s largest potato industry trade show Potato Expo.
Zsofia Szendrei, professor in MSU's Department of Entomology
November 13, 2023

Research team led by MSU scientist receives USD 6 million USDA grant to study pest-management strategies for potato systems

A research team has received a USD 6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to study insect pest management strategies for United States potato production systems.
Potatoes, fresh from the field, bump onto a belt before being transferred to a storage shed outside of Boardman, Oregon.
October 31, 2023

Too much potatoes for French Fries in Pacific Northwest

About 5,000 loaded-down semi-trucks of really nice Northwest french-fry-making potatoes are set to plop into cattle troughs or be destroyed. Dale Lathim is the President of the Potato Marketing Association of North America
1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL
October 11, 2023

Sprouting control agent 1,4-DMN Poised to Achieve CODEX MRL

Great news for potato producers: 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4- DMN), a naturally-occurring bio-control that enhances dormancy
Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions
October 05, 2023

Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions

Trimble announced a definitive agreement to form a joint venture with AGCO to better serve farmers with factory fit and aftermarket applications in the mixed fleet precision agriculture market.
Growing Nitrogen: Plants like this vetch plant with long roots can produce lots of nitrogen once they become established.
September 27, 2023

Start growing your own nitrogen

Four studies released from 2019 to 2023 by the University of Illinois show that on average, 67% of nitrogen found in corn comes from sources occurring in the soil. Researchers labeled nitrogen fertilizers applied with N15 to identify naturally occurring nitrogen vs. synthetic nitrogen.
Beautiful or ugly? To a no-tiller, soybean stubble with cover crops peeking through in late fall is a beautiful sight. To those who no-till, chiseling or plowing is "farming ugly."
September 25, 2023

Five reasons to skip fall tillage

Moving away from reliance on tillage is a tough change to make. Sure, there are times when tillage could be considered.
Taylor Grant, Leah Halverson and Bryan Jones: The Next Generation of Potato Farmers
September 16, 2023

Feeding America: Introducing the Next Generation Potato Farmers

A new generation of potato farmers uses cutting-edge instruments and methods to progress farms and preserve the soil for future generations all over the United States, often in unexpected areas.
Alsum Farms Begins Wisconsin Yellow Potato Harvest
August 03, 2023

Alsum Farms Begins Wisconsin Yellow Potato Harvest

Wisconsin yellow potato harvest is underway at Alsum Farms in Arena, Wis. with the first potato loads being washed, graded and packed for fresh market delivery to distribution centers and retail grocers the first full week of August.
NPC Releases 2023 Annual Potato Yearbook
July 06, 2023

National Potato Council 2023 Yearbook offers detailed insight in the United States industry and its achievements

The NPC 2023 Annual Potato Yearbook highlighting progress on NPC’s national legislative, regulatory, and marketing priorities. The Yearbook also features updated US and world potato production and consumption stats, grower and industry contact information, position statements, and program overviews.
McCrum: The success and legacy behind the thriving potato processing operation
July 06, 2023

McCrum: The success and legacy behind a thriving potato processing operation in Maine

There aren't many farms in Maine that can boast they've been owned by the same family for more than 130 years. One of those is the McCrums.


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