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Potatoes at home

Tasteful Selections bite-sized potatoes help consumers Keep Their Menus Fresh
Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., will launch the second quarter of its yearlong Fresh campaign on April 1
Gastronomía Peruana ¿Cuál es la mejor papa para cada plato?
Qué variedades de papa hay en el país para freír y sancochar? Nos lo cuenta la revista 15 Minutos.
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Potatoes gain credibility for performance in PyeongChang Olympic athlete’s village kitchen
Potatoes as a performance food are gaining notoriety during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, with the newly released Olympian Menu and announcement that performance nutrition is now a critical part of athletes’ strategy to win
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Dear Britain, you are cutting your roast potatoes all wrong...
In October chef Heston Blumenthal revealed his top tips for achieving roasties that are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, every time. However, according to students from Edge Hotel School at the University of Essex, Blumenthal has been cutting his spuds all wrong.
Tasteful Selections highlights bite-sized potatoes in yearlong Fresh Campaign
Tasteful Selections™, a specialty potato brand from RPE Inc., proudly announces the launch of its yearlong Always Fresh campaign, with insights and inspiration revolving around healthy, nutritious recipes and kitchen tips for more confident meal preparation.
Ullucu import and cultivation poses biosecurity risk for potato: DEFRA advice
Following an investigation by the Animal and Plant Health Agency earlier this year, it has been confirmed that ulluco tubers imported into the UK from a number of different sources were infected by harmful viruses, highlighting that there is uncertainty about the disease status of this crop in general.
Tesco brings back Italian New Potatoes for the seventh year
Solely supplied by Branston, Italian new potatoes are returning to Tesco for the seventh consecutive year, to keep pace with the increasing demand for fresh seasonal new potatoes.
Analyzing the genes of ancient potatoes helps to improve future varieties
Examining the ancestors of the modern, North American cultivated potato has revealed a set of common genes and important genetic pathways that have helped potatoes adapt over thousands of years.