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Potatoes at Home

Potatoes at home

Tasteful Selections to offer bite-size lovers a bit of comfort with new campaign
Find your inspiration with Tasteful Selections® bite-size potatoes in the next theme of their Small-Bite Campaign. Over the last 12 months, we've enjoyed bringing consumers wellness, happiness, creativity, adventure and inspiration.
Aardappelbedrijf Nedato investeert in nieuwe verpakkingslijn
As of October 1, the new JASA packaging line at potato company Nedato in Oud-Beijerland is in operation. Nedato added this new packaging equipment to cope with the demand for smaller packaging in retail.
A la caza de la mejor tortilla de patatas de Burgos
Del 10 al 20 de octubre Burgos enalteció su patata. Alrededor de 50 establecimientos compitieron por cocinar en sus fogones la mejor tortilla de patata de la ciudad. Se trató de la sexta edición de este concurso.
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
The Little Potato Company presents 'Easy Sides' - ready-in-minutes potatoes - at PMA Fresh Summit
The Little Potato Company is taking convenience to a new level with the launch of Easy Sides, fully cooked, pre-seasoned Creamer potatoes that are ready to heat and eat in only seven minutes.
Sun Sets on 55-Year Potato Co-op
The mood was upbeat and confident at the Malin Potato Cooperative in February of 2015. The Merrill, Oregon, agricultural co-op was preparing to open a brand-new, $7 million state-of-the-art potato packing plant.
Estas son las tortillas de patata más ricas de los supermercados.
Poco a poco las tortillas que están envasadas van teniendo un nivel mucho mas aceptable. Muchos son los consumidores que compran tortillas de patatas industriales. Hay muchas opiniones contrastadas sobre una gran parte de la oferta existente del mercado.
Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Find your mealtime inspiration with the launch of Tasteful Selections next small-bite campaign theme, Inspiration in a Small Bite
In the next two months, follow Tasteful Selections and all the small-bite inspiration! With quick cook times, bold flavors and exciting new recipes.
Puffin produce updates packaging for Blas y Tir Fresh Potato Brand
Puffin Produce Ltd. unveiled a new look for its Blas y Tir brand of fresh potatoes, including the new 1kg Blas y Tir Pembrokeshire Earlies, which are now available in supermarkets across Wales.