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Spud sentiment in the media continues to improve

Spud sentiment in the media continues to improve

May 02, 2023
The widespread popularity of potatoes as America’s favorite vegetable naturally leads to their frequent appearance in the press. However, occasional misinformation can jeopardize the potato’s reputation.
The Newest Easter Trend You Have to Try: Painting Potatoes

Easter Trend we HAVE to promote on PotatoPro: Painting Potatoes instead of eggs

April 07, 2023
Painting Easter potatoes? Why not? Families love their tried-and-true Easter traditions, but sometimes, you just need to scramble things up - and save some money in the process...
Potato Meals

'Potatoes, prepare to be surprised': EU campaign highlighting the versatility of the potato to continue until December 2025

April 07, 2023
Following the success of the promotion campaign Potatoes, prepare to be surprised – Europe’s favourite since 1536 that was launched in 2020 and finished at the end of last year
Arguiñano reveals his biggest secret

Arguiñano revela su mayor secreto: el truco del 6-3-1 para una tortilla de patatas increíble

March 21, 2023
La tortilla de patatas es un plato tradicional que Karlos Arguiñano ha preparado durante años con su gran secreto, un truco que hará que quede perfecta. Más allá del debate de si se añade o no cebolla o el tipo de aceite que usamos para cocinarla, debemos tener en cuenta esta forma de cocinarla de Arguiñano.
Cara Harbstreet Food and Nutrition Expert

Not Just Delicious! Potatoes are also Nutrition Powerhouse

February 08, 2023
It's the New Year, which means many of us are trying to eat better, save money and find more time in our day. Cara Harbstreet, registered dietitian and intuitive eating expert, recommends a kitchen hero that's a solution for it all: the potato!

Potatoes Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

December 05, 2022
When we think of healthy vegetables, we don't think of potatoes, but we should. Potatoes have developed a reputation for causing weight gain and an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, but new research suggests they do not.
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Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Shoppers – RPE, LLC Announces New Brand

Farmer's Promise: RPE is Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Shoppers with this New Brand

November 03, 2022
There are many brands that know how to grow great potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes and get them on the grocery shelf or into our favorite foods. Then what? Is blind consumption anyway to live?
Princesa Amandine

PrincesaAmandine estará en Fruit Attraction para presentar su patata de Quinta Gama

September 25, 2022
Princesa Amandine participará en la próxima edición de Fruit Attraction (del 4 al 6 de octubre en IFEMA Madrid) con presencia en los stands de sus cuatro socios ibéricos.
Tortilla de patatas de Hacendado - Mercadona.

Mercadona cambia la receta de la tortilla de patatas

September 18, 2022
La tortilla de patata es uno de los bocados más populares de nuestro país. Consumido en todos los hogares, además es la tapa más solicitada en los bares y restaurantes, da igual en qué provincia de España te encuentres.
(from left to right) Bob Bender CEO and Nathan Bender the President of Tasteful Selections.

Nathan Bender assumes role of President at Tasteful Selections

August 08, 2022
Nathan Bender, a 16-year agribusiness veteran and co-founder of baby potato category leader Tasteful Selections, has assumed the role of President at the organization he helped establish in 2010.


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