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ITC: Re-Imagining the Frozen Food Segment
February 25, 2020

ITC: Re-Imagining the Frozen Food Segment

ITC first started diversifying from its core tobacco business in the early 1970s, with the diversification drive picking up steam in 2003 when the Indian behemoth conglomerate started with its slew of launches in the FMCG category.
Amazon is launching online food delivery service in India this year
July 30, 2019

Amazon is launching online food delivery from restaurants in India this year

Amazon.com Inc is planning a foray into the burgeoning online food delivery business from restaurants in India this year, in a move that could raise competition in an increasingly crowded market.
American Burger Chain Carl's Jr. opens its first restaurant in India
August 10, 2015

American Burger Chain Carl's Jr. opens its first restaurant in India

American Burger Chain Carl's Jr. announced today the opening of its first restaurant in India
Burger King India
June 19, 2015

Burger King India goes after Vegetarians

When Burger King decided to enter India, the American hamburger chain did something that it has never done before. It gave the local master franchise full control over the menu.
McDonald's India French Fries
March 01, 2015

McDonalds India has cut sodium in its French Fries by 20%

Last month, McDonald's India has cut the amount of calories and salt on its Indian menu as it fights to hold on to customers in a rapidly growing developing market where newer, healthier fast-food options are just starting to catch on.
McCain Foods India: Veggie Burger
December 23, 2014

McCain Foods India is expanding its distribution network

McCain Foods India is expanding its distribution network as well as improving availability of its products throughout the country.
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The Potato Burger is the highest-grossing menu item For McDonald's India
January 20, 2014

A Growing Taste for U.S. Fast Food in India

India has long had a reputation as being unfriendly to foreign businesses, but when it comes to fast food, international chains are being warmly welcomed by a young, upwardly mobile population.
 Pizza with potato topping?
November 18, 2013

Pizza Hut to test a pizza with potato topping in India

India Times reports that Pizza Hut is to introduce a potato topping at an outlet in the city Vadodara after extensive market research.
 fastfood to the extreme
November 06, 2012

Ban on 'junk food' near schools in India?

The All India Food Processors Association (AIFPA) Wednesday approached the Delhi High Court, pleading that the court should hear them before passing any final order on a petition that seeks ban on carbonated beverages and junk food in school and colleg...
McCain Foods
November 04, 2012

Quest for the perfect potato pays off for McCain Foods in India

India’s love affair with the french fry is so intense that the Canadian potato giant is injecting another $69 million on top of its current $37 million investment into greatly increasing output at its plant in Mehsana, which only opened five years ago.
September 04, 2012

McDonald's to open vegetarian restaurants in India

In 2013, McDonald's is planning to open its first vegetarian outlet in the hills near the Vaishno Devi, a holy Hindu temple in Jammu & Kashmir, India.
February 24, 2012

India may top China as hottest restaurant growth market

India may be ready to supplant China as the top growth market for Western quick-service brands, according to a new research note from Sara Senatore, securities analyst for Bernstein Research. Based on projections that India’s economy could soon outpac...
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November 23, 2011

Yum! Brands restaurants in India become separate division

Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE:YUM) today announced it has reorganized its Yum! Restaurants International division (YRI) to continue to drive aggressive international expansion and build strong brands globally. The Company also announced that Micky Pant, 57,...
October 25, 2011

India's Fast Food Revolution

At the DLF Place mall in the upscale South Delhi neighborhood of Saket, shoppers and employees sit more or less side-by-side in a new “desi” food court, digging into traditional Indian dishes ranging from biryani to dosas to seekh kebabs. There's some...
April 14, 2011

U.S. fast-food chains bet on India to drive growth

The scramble by global food companies into India's fast food sector intensified on Monday as several U.S. chains announced plans to enter the country.
March 23, 2011

McDonald's expanding rapidly in South and West of India

HardCastle India, which runs the south and west franchisee of McDonald’s in India, is on in expansion mode ever since McDonald’s Corp conferred it with the Development Licensee status.
 Vikram Bakshi (Courtesy Forbes India)
January 05, 2011

McDonald's India: in search for the perfect potato for french fries

Soon after setting shop in India, McDonalds’ Vikram Bakshi knew he had a problem — the signature French Fries weren’t right. It took him nine years and several experiments to get it right:   Name: Vikram BakshiDesignation: CEO, McDonalds India (North...
Yum Brands Bets on India's Young for Growth
December 16, 2009

Yum Brands Bets on India's Young for Growth

Yum Brands Inc. is gearing up for a major expansion in India early next year, where the restaurant chain hopes to position KFC and Taco Bell as youthful, hip brands in a nation of young consumers.


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