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McDonald's first restaurant will be opened March 8, 2016 in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana. A second restaurant is expected to open in Almaty later in 2016, which is part of a plan to open approximately 15 additional restaurants in the country over the next

McDonald's opens first restaurant in Kazakhstan on March 8, 2016

February 25, 2016
McDonald’s Corporation today announced that the first McDonald’s restaurant in Kazakhstan will open in Astana on March 8, 2016. Kazakhstan will mark the 120th country where McDonald’s restaurants are located.
McDonalds to open first restaurant in Kazakhstan

McDonalds to open first restaurant in Kazakhstan

November 13, 2014
McDonald’s today announced that it will open restaurants in Kazakhstan in 2015, in conjunction with a local developmental licensee, Kairat Boranbayev.

CKE Restaurants Announces Opening of First Two Hardee’s® Locations in Kazakhstan

July 07, 2011
CKE Restaurants, Inc., today announced the opening of two Hardee’s® restaurants in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This marks the first of at least 12 Hardee’s restaurants to be opened in Kazakhstan over the next five years. Hardee’s is the first major western qui...


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