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McCain Marché

McCain Foods Canada offers a range of frozen snack products under the brand name McCain Marché

Introduced in 2016, McCain Marché snacks are oven-baked, never fried and made with no artificial flavours or colours.

The McCain Marché snacks come in a variety of choices to satisfy more tastes and cravings than ever before, including:

  • Harvest Pockets – the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavours and wholesome ingredients in a delicious rosemary sourdough pocket. Available in Roasted Chicken, Chicken Alfredo and Three Cheese and Spinach recipes.

  • Protein Pop'ables – bite-sized snacks with 14 to 23 grams of protein per serving to keep you going. Available in Chicken Parmesan, Jamaican Beef and Italian Sausage recipes.

  • Pizza Pockets – a Canadian favourite for kids and kids-at-heart, these warm pizza snacks got a new look but are made with the same delicious recipe and ingredients. Available in Pepperoni, Deluxe and Three Cheese recipes.
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