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Aerox is a leading specialist in industrial odour control, located in the Netherlands.

The Aerox-Injector destroys the odours that are produced in industrial processes. Aerox supports its clients to minimize emissions to comply with industry legislation and laws, but most important: to ensure fresh air for your neighbours. Their cold plasma injection-based technology is highly efficient in reducing odours and is the most environmentally friendly available on the market, using solely electricity.

They have experience with many industries and its specific processes, characteristics and demands. They share in the knowhow of the source and composition of odours across many industries, as well as with scientific tools and processes to investigate the complexity of each unique situation. Relevant regulations and legal requirements hold no secrets from them.

Aerox actively participates in various international platforms and initiatives focused on odour abatement. Governments and clients across the globe have recognized the Aerox-Injector for supplying the Best Available Technology in the market. Aerox happily shared their expertise participating in the development of the VDI standard for non-thermal plasma technology.
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