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African Potato Association (APA)

Company Description
The African Potato Association (APA) is a non-profit organization that was launched in September 1985.

The objectives of African Potato Association are:

  • To promote the interests of potato and sweetpotato workers in Africa.
  • To act as a central source of information and resource exchange.
  • To facilitate greater inter-country collaboration and horizontal exchange of information and exchange visits by scientists.
  • To stimulate the development of potato and sweetpotato research, production, and utilization in Africa.
  • To popularize potato and sweetpotato as important food items in Africa.
  • To act as a link between the International Potato Center (CIP) and other relevant associations in the world and members/member countries.
  • To monitor training opportunities to its members.
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Gasabo District, Kigali
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