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Al Sada Foods

Potato wedges

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Al Sada Foods Factory, is a Qatari company founded in 2018 and based in Doha, Qatar. As a country leader in the manufacture of potato products industry, they focus on product development, continuous improvement, innovation, sustainable technology and co-operation to ensure added value to every customer.

Al Sada Foods Factory offer ready to eat frozen French fries to their clients. These are pure in ingredients such as potatoes and palm oil. Their frozen French fries are natural in taste with no artificial colors and no preservative. It requires only a deep fry.

They respect their team, their customers, their strategic partners and the environment. They specialize in processing potatoes into French fries, potato flakes, grounded potato flakes and nuggets. Al Sada’s strength is to provide the best in potato processing from the infeed of product to the packaging resulting in a high quality end product.

Besides the Al Sada network of sales and support office in Qatar, they are also supported by a worldwide network of suppliers. Being healthy is the focus; therefore, they believe it is their duty to provide it to you.
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