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Aries Agro Limited

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Aries Agro Ltd was founded by Dr. T. B. Mirchandani and Mrs. Bala Mirchandani in 1969.

They are the business of manufacturing of micronutrients and other customized nutritional products for plants and animals. They started their activity by manufacturing a small range of mineral feed additives for animals & birds and then diversified into mineral additives for the agriculture use.

In 1975, they diversified into nutrients for plants. They had in-house expertise in the area of mineral nutrition and hence conducted research on compounds that could deliver mineral nutrients to plants more efficiently.

This research identified "Metal Chelates". Through in-house R&D efforts, aries agro Company branched out into Agrochemicals in 1975 with the introduction of Chelated Micronutrients.

They pioneered the concept of Chelates in India with the introduction of "Agromin", a micronutrient fertilizer in the year 1975, followed by "Chelamin" in 1976.

Agromin (chelated micronutrients) and Chelamin (chelated zinc) are the company's flagship brands. they are one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of Chelates in the Country.

Empowering farmers everywhere, with their versatile range of agricultural Next Practices, Aries aims to be a global leader in specialised, sustainable & cost effective agricultural inputs.