Asociafruit is a private, not-for-profit association that represents fruit, vegetable, flower and plant producers and exporters in Andalusia.

Nearly all the main fresh produce as well as the flowers and plants are commercially grown in the two regions are represented in the association, namely: peaches/nectarines, plums; asparagus; citrus fruit; broccoli/cabbage/cauliflower; potatoes; carrots; Seville oranges, other fruit, and vegetables; flowers and plants.

Asociafruit was created in 1977, originally to represent the interests of a single sector, the Seville orange exporters operating out of that Spanish province.

With the establishment of new crops and the increasing weight and importance of the associationist movement, the initial group expanded to include other sectors and provinces, finally growing into the multisectoral association that today services companies located in Andalusia.

The association is divided into independently operating sectors. Each sector has its own internal organization, including an Executive Board which, in addition to its role in the general workings of the association, conducts its own activities and manages its own affairs in keeping with sectoral interests.

Asociafruit is both a representative and a service organization, providing daily information on core areas such as legal and economic information, international market prices, press, weather forecasts, and so on.

In addition to its information services, Asociafruit conducts a wide range of activities geared to defending the interests of the companies and sectors it represents: monitoring seasonal campaigns, sending out market observers, running promotion campaigns, organizing commercial missions, providing credit ratings, delivering training courses, executing research agreements…

The association participates in decision-making relating to agribusiness at any level. As a member of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Fruit, Vegetable, Flower and Live Plant Producers-Exporters – FEPEX -, the Valencia Citrus Management Committee, Intercitrus – the Interprofessional Citrus Industry Association – and VIFORE – the Federation of Forestry Nurseries of Spain -, it maintains relations with producers/exporters throughout the country; moreover, it is in direct contact with the Central and Regional Governments for all issues affecting the sector.

At the regional level, Asociafruit is a legitimate interlocutor for dealings with government authorities in all production and trade questions.

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