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Bayerischer BauernVerband

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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It's a public Body representing the professions of Bavarian Agriculture and Forestry. In 1947/48 a separate rural women's group was founded in the BBV in order to be able to effectively represent the interests of rural women. 

The Association was founded on September 7, 1945 and today has around 140,000 members. Moreover, it stands for over 750,000 people in rural areas and for almost 100,000 agricultural and forestry family businesses and makes the concerns of agriculture and forestry heard and is committed to all farming families, landowners and the entire rural area.


  • Interests of farming families and consultants for agriculture, forestry and rural areas.
  • Recognize trends and are a driving force for innovation.
  • Promote cycles in agricultural production and marketing.
  • Offer encounters and participation.
  • Protect property.
  • Total having 500,000 members.