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BMAC Foods

BMAC Foods is permanently closed in 2019. If that's wrong, you can suggest an edit.

The Bmac brand was founded in 1992 by Michael Omodara who had a desire to see more African and Caribbean products on supermarket shelves, so he started producing his own. Customers loved the products and Bmac quickly became a popular and well known brand in the UK for African and Caribbean food.

Bmac was one of the first producers of plantain crisps in the UK which is now becoming one of the most popular exotic snacks on the market. Nowadays BMAC offers 3 flavours of Plantain Crisps: naturally sweet Plantain Crisps, chilli Plantain Crisps, Green Plantain Crisps.

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BMAC Foods
  • Constable Crescent
    N15 4QZ
    United Kingdom