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Chippery Canada Inc

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The Chippery Inc. offers a concept of in-store production of potato chips. In order to achieve this, the Chippery developed a mini-potato chips line.

The Chippery claims it’s snack line is 100% All Natural and offers complete variety from potato chips to sweet potato chips and other root vegetable chips.

Chippery chips allow you to enjoy a Fresh bag of chips at almost the same moment that they are made. Watch a raw, unpeeled potato enter the Chippery cooker and in three minutes, perfectly cooked potato chips cascade into a large bowl. The chips are tossed and flipped with all natural Chippery seasonings, then bagged, sealed, flavour labelled, dated and signed by the Chipster.

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News for this Company

Chips and Snacks Production going local, very local
February 27, 2008

Chips and Snacks Production going local, very local

Today we want to address a new development in the snack sector which I would call: 'Snack production going local' . Two companies, 'Fresh Chips' and 'The Chippery' each offer a different concept that eliminates the industrial potato chips production line or the snack factory and replaces it with a mini factory you may soon find on your street corner, literally.
 the Chippery
February 22, 2008

The Chippery: Potato chips made to order, while you wait

Every few minutes, Ralph Robinson puts another potato in the end of a small metal chute that's connected to a stainless-steel tank. At the opposite end of the 4-foot-long machine, thin, crispy potato chips roll off a wire conveyor belt and drop into a ...