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DLG International offers international expertise in setting up trade fairs and providing project management and consultancy services. These activities are coordinated by staff at our headquarters in Frankfurt and nine subsidiaries abroad. Dlg Fuarcilik is one of the nine subsidiaries.

DLG Fuarcilik Ltd. Co was founded in 2009. As DLG Fuarcilik we are organizing outdoor exhibitions in Turkey.

International Field Days Turkey, Tarim ve Teknoloji Gunleri and the newest exhibition focused on potato is Potato Days Turkey.

Potato Days Turkey is a specialized exhibition for potato production in Turkey and Middle east. Exhibition will take place on August 22-24, 2019 in Konya - Turkey.

The exhibition has three areas: trial plots, live machinery demonstrations and campus grass.

Trial plots are dedicated for crop protection, crop nutrition and seed companies. Each plot has 400 sqm space where the companies can apply their product and show the results live to its visitors. Machinery demonstration area, on 33,500 sqm field potato harvesters, seeding and seed bed preparation machines will make live demonstration.

Finally, the campus grass area is dedicated to associations, organisations and consultancy companies. The entire product value chain will present during this three day event.

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