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Doga Tohumculuk Turkey

Company Description
Doga Seed is a Turkish company active in various sectors of the potato industry. The company supplies 100.000 tonnes potatoes for processing into chips and french fries in Turkey, the Balkan and the Middle East.

Doga seed has (underground AC) storage capacity for 90.000 tons of potatoes in its storage facilities in Central Turkey. The company has tissue culture mini tuber production and produces annually 1 million minitubers.

Doga Seed is currently building an expandable 3 ton/h French fry production line ((former) BMA) in Gulsehir, Nevsehir and expect to process 40.000 ton potatoes annually, with production start planned for July 2011.

Doga Seed also is the Agent in Turkey for Norika Nording Germany and Gyntech Scotland (Seed potatoes, varieties) and Distributor of Miedema (Planters, Storage Equipment) and AVR (Harvesters and Soil cultivation)
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Kapucubaşı District Atatürk Boulevard Işıksaçan Plaza Number: 98 Floor:3-4
Nevşehir Nevşehir
+90 384 2139198
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