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EarthFresh Foods

EarthFresh Foods is a Canadian produce company specializing in supplying the retail and foodservice industries with premium fresh potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, fresh greens, and sweet potatoes.

Specializing in potatoes has made us very good at understanding the effects that "Mother Nature" can have on each growing area, in each season, and on each variety.

This is important since potatoes are grown in over 38 States and 8 Provinces. Quality can change from day to day, and each variety has its own strengths and weaknesses, which can help it survive inclement weather, or not.

They have completed involvement in all aspects of the potato industry – from seed breeding, seed production, tablestock production, packing and distribution:


  • Have their own unique varieties of potatoes
  • Have Strategic Alliances with growers
  • Provide agronomic assistance to their growers
  • Pack in their facilities
  • Provide potatoes by usage – i.e. boiling, frying, baking, soups / stews
  • Provide potatoes by size and colour
  • Have full-line of specialty potatoes including Organics, Minis and Fingerlings
  • Provide full logistics service – including freight, pallets, customs, duty, and inspections.

Their have the experience in sourcing quality product from the best growers throughout North America.
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