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  • EarthFresh offers Potatoes Packed in 100% Compostable Paper Bags
Potatoes Packed in 100% Compostable Paper Bags

EarthFresh’s Paper Revolution offers retailers a full potato product line in 100% compostable paper packaging.

EarthFresh is pleased to announce their new complete product line of organic and conventional potatoes packed in 100% compostable paper bags.

Available in all pack sizes, including baby potatoes in 1 lb and 1.5 lb bags and A and B size potatoes in 3 lb, 5 lb and 10 lb compostable paper bags. EarthFresh’s compostable packaging requires less carbon to produce and returns nutrients back to the Earth.

With plastic waste becoming a bigger issue everyday, consumers are becoming more mindful of their plastic use and looking for sustainable alternatives.

Jessica Hughes, Director of Innovation at EarthFresh:

“We are doing our part to help keep the world a cleaner place by offering environmentally friendly, compostable paper packaging.”

“This new product line up is a win for the environment and the consumer.”

Paper packaging is becoming the consumer’s choice. Nielsen research shows that 73% of global consumers say they would definitely or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environmental. 'We know that shoppers – especially millennials, will try new products based on sustainable packaging.'