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In 1970 Hagenow was a production site for French fries; the products flake puree and dumpling powder were added later.

After reunification, extensive investments made the Hagenow plant one of the most modern locations for potato dry products in Europe. As of September 2013, Emsland-Stärke GmbH became the main shareholder of Mecklenburger Kartoffelveredlung GmbH, Hagenow.

In addition to the potato flakes, the Hagenow plant produces products such as mashed potatoes, potato dumplings, bread dumplings and potato dumplings, as well as fried potatoes, under the brand name 'Mecklenburger Küche'.

(Click to enlarge) The Emsland Food GmbH Hagenow site

The Emsland Food GmbH Hagenow site

They consist of regionally grown, carefully processed potatoes of the highest quality. In addition to the retail trade, the focus for the brand business is also the bulk consumer food service and the private label business.

The location in Hagenow employs around 156 people. In total, 135,000 tonnes of potatoes are processed here. This produces about 30,000 tonnes of potato flakes, which are used both industrially and in the retail business.
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