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(Click to enlarge) The Emsland Food GmbH Wittingen site

The Emsland Food GmbH Wittingen site

The Wittingen plant was founded in 1962 from the company C.H. The Knorr food factories were built and also became part of the Group through their acquisition by the Emsland Group in April 2000.

The wide range of applications and excellent properties of potato granules for the food industry were recognized as early as the 1970s, and thus the foundations for the successful development in Wittingen were laid.

The excellent conditions in the region ensure that the final products have extraordinarily high quality. Around 36,000 tons of potato granules are recovered annually from approximately 160,000 tons of raw material.

In 2005, a new feed production plant for processing potato remains to make high-quality animal feed went into operation.

Emsland Food GmbH is also an important economic factor for the region of Wittingen. 75 people are employed in the Wittingen plant and the availability of potatoes as a natural raw material is backed by about 260 contract farmers in the potato-growing region around Wittingen.
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