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Federation of Cold Storage Associations of India (FCAOI)

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The foundation of this federation was laid in the year 1999 and formally this was registered with the registrar of the company on 16th of august in the year 2001.

Nepal cold storage association is our associate member, any state of India or any association of other countries can become our associate member if they wish and can attend the meetings of FCAOI (Federation of Cold storage Associations Of India).

Federation meeting is held once in a year in New Delhi, but in case of urgency, meeting can be called at a short interval of time.

Generally, federation members attend the meetings called by any state which is the member of federation and discuss their problems on this common platforms.

At present 18 states are our members of which these states are the members of managing committee.

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Federation of Cold Storage Associations of India (FCAOI)
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