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Greensill Farming Group

Greensill Farming Group began in 1945 with Roy Greensill planting, raising and cutting 66 acres of sugar cane by hand on our Home farm in Qunaba. Roy progressively expanded operations to over 200 acres in 1966. From these humble beginnings, the now third-generation farming operation has grown to become a large-scale agribusiness covering more than 8000 acres. Sweet potato and sugarcane farming remain at the heart of their business, supported by a range of broadacre crops. The Greensill family received the 2019 Hinkler Innovation Series award for their local, national, and global contributions to innovation.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Greensill Farming Group
  • 383 Windermere Road
    Qunaba QLD 4670