Groupe Euro-Direct

Created in 1994, the group is now euro-direct manufacturer, importer and integrator, it aims to provide the customer with a complete range of equipment for potato, onion, carrots and other vegetables.

We build our own machines in the factory of AUGER villers Cotterêt in aisne (GATINEAU ancient sites), and participate in the development of other product range in other plants serving the group.

Each production site has a specific product line, allowing it to be relentlessly at the top level. All plants produce the color group to mount a full line of material handling products, electric boxes and management are carried out by our in-house automation. The factory is specialized in AUGER products around the body (filling and turning), the big bag, calibration mesh, and washing, knowing that branch industry exists for the manufacture of products other than vegetable;DEWAELE factory is specialized in sets of opening hours, unearthing, dégrenaillage, calibration grid, visit emmotteur integrated rollers, the conveyor and telescopic lifts industrial plant Dewagtere specializes in big bag fillers, separators clods independent calibrators to grids and crankshaft, telescopic lifts for simple storage and batch, fixed storage hoppers with baffles and carpet extraction, and the moving floor trailers, knowing that a branch exists for industry achievements well specific ports and concrete plants, plant Haith specializes in washing / polishing / water treatment plant HOLARAS specializes in équeteuses with onion, Raytec factory is specialized in optical vision, with different techniques, DIJKSTRA factory specializes in the calibration grids superimposed to the plant, industry, or consumption.

All these machines according to customer specifications can be induced to follow suit, and our design department is in charge of work projects, achievements in 3D.

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Groupe Euro-Direct
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