Iden Biotechnology

Iden Biotechnology is a Spanish biotechnological company operating in the agricultural space, developing products and integrated solutions for crop yield and quality enhancement.

The company’s agricultural solutions include a portfolio of candidate genes for yield increase, quality enhancement and/or abiotic stress tolerance. The gene traits are validated on agronomic crops of interest like corn, wheat or potato.

In addition, the company holds a portfolio of biological products, plant biostimulants and biopesticides for agronomic use derived from its non random proprietary platform.

Iden Biotechnology has a strong presence in US, Europe and India with strategic partnerships for product development and commercialization.

Iden Biotechnology has partnered with J.R Simplot in a search for genes fitting Simplot's Innate platform that can help to improve the nutritional profile of the potato.
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Iden Biotechnology
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