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Impilo Ponics (Pty) Ltd

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Impilo Ponics (Pty) Ltd has designed and developed a Vertical and Horizontal modular Tower system for both Aeroponics and NFT disciplines. Their mandate being to create “sustainable” food security systems to stimulate Urban, Rural and commercial Micro farming opportunities at very affordable pricing. These soilless systems are very water and energy efficient and have the ability to grow High yields in a very small footprint area (up to 300 plants / 1.5m2).

The designs are very unique and offer numerous opportunities for “out of the box” innovations, for example their Horizontal tower (both NFT & Aeroponic) system allows for Tuber cultivar growing such as potato’s. They plant 40 potato seedlings in a 1m2 surface area with a minimal yield of approx. 1Kg of baby potato’s per plant in a 90 day growing cycle, which in turn allows for a minimum of 3 growing cycles per annum.

They have been very successful in “Cloning” the plants in preparation for replacement of the original crop so the growing cycles are continuous irrespective of the season.

Their range allows for residential units to allow the homeowner to grow healthy cultivars of their respective choosing for food security sustainability. The systems allow for additional tower segments to be added to the units for increased growing needs as and when required, the system is simplified to a DIY kit and is flat packed to reduce logistical transport costs.