Kloosterboer Group

Cooling and Freezing Equipment

Kloosterboer is a company that provides innovative and sustainable solutions in the supply chain for temperature controlled food products based out of the Netherlands.

Kloosterboer is an independent family business, with its origins in 1925.

Kloosterboer facilitates the logistics services for temperature-controlled food products (including fish, meat, fruit, fruit juices and concentrates, dairy products and potato products) in Western Europe.

They specialize in storage, stevedores, logistics, customs clearance and logistics IT solutions.

With more than six hundred and fifty employees, nine locations in the Netherlands and six abroad, 90 years of experience and an international network, They seek to answer all logistics issues.

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Kloosterboer Group
  • Port City II, 5th floor - Port number 2235
    3089 JH Rotterdam