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Levity CropScience

Research and Development
Levity CropScience is a research oriented company in the United Kingdom working to make fertilizers to be more efficiently taken up and used by crops - including the potato crop.

The company offers a product named "Lono" for use as Nitrogen fertilizer in potato cultivation.

According to Levity CropScience product information:

"Lono supplies nitrogen in a form that encourages compact shoot growth & better rooting, rather than the weak vegetative growth stimulated by conventional N fertilisers.”

“Lono uses Levity’s LimiN chemistry to hold nitrogen in the amine form."
Levity CropScience was established in 2010.
News for this Company
Levity CropScience
  • Rural Business Centre, Myerscough College
    PR3 0RY
    United Kingdom