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Lyckeby Staerkelsen

The brand Lyckeby Stärkelsen is owned by Swedish Starch Producers, an incorporated association, owned by its members.

These are about 840 starch potato growers in southern Sweden. The core operation is run under the joint brand Lyckeby Stärkelsen, and consists of production, development and marketing of starch and fibres for various industrial purposes, including paper and chemical industries.

Culinar is an international foodstuffs company with specialist skills in taste, texture and health. It maintains offices, production facilities, subsidiaries or agents in some 40 different countries, offering an exciting menu comprising innovative concepts, products and service to the foodstuffs industry world-side.

The product portfolio includes a wide range of modern starches, fibre, texture and flavour systems, as well as secure, high quality raw materials and ingredients.
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Lyckeby Staerkelsen
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