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Message Food Services

Message Food Services is a new Research & Development Center in the Indian food industry that promises to strengthen its organised modern sector into a viable and vibrant entity. India's chips, snacks and Namkeens specialities are emerging as the next gourmet food.

This development has become possible as a result of innovative technologies developed for mechanised production of India's ethnic food sector by us.

India has different specialities of snacks in each and every state, city and region. But besides being delicious, the Indian agriculture products are very delicate in nature and consist of many problems like food being unhygienic due to unawareness and lack of knowledge of the maker and as it is rightly said that half knowledge or lack of knowledge of/about anything is very dangerous.

We offer a wide range of technologies for Processing, Preservation & Packaging agriculture products. We make you aware about PFA, BIS, CODEX, ADAC, USFDA, USDA standards and stop you from committing any mistakes that may lead you to severe fine and punishments under the Indian court of Law and also lose the goodwill and credit you had made in the market after years of hard work.

By joining us, you can uplift your food products’ quality by getting long shelf life, relief from problems like bad smell, fungus, dryness & colour variation etc.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Message Food Services
  • Heera Panna Complex, Post Office Road, Dhoraji
    Rajkot 360410