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Natural Life Sciences Tissue Culture Lab

Natural Life Sciences is a tissue culture laboratory of Gujarat operating since 2015. Their beneficiaries and clients belong to all types of end-users i.e. floriculture nurseries, farmers, cooperative societies, institutional buyers, Government Institutions, agriculture universities, and also researchers.

The NLS team consists of 50 members having experience in biotechnology, agronomy, extension services, and nursery management. They have around 8000 sq. ft of state of art well-equipped Tissue Culture Laboratory with an annual production capacity of over 2.5 million plants.

Natural Life Sciences has research collaborations with various academic institutions, grassroots level organizations, and companies such as:

  • TERI - The Energy and Resources Institute
  • Siddhi plantek plant tissue culture

The company produce minitubers from certified planting material of CPRI (Central Potato Research Institute) and supply nuclear seed tubers for the production of breeder seeds. Tissue culture-raised plants are grown in insect-proofed net houses under strict environmental controls and produce what is known as "mini tubers". Such tubers are multiplied in the field under cold conditions, ensuring freedom from aphids which bring about bacterial disease, the most common cause of potato crop failure. Its seed potatoes give 20-30% higher yield than conventional plantations, are free from disease, and fetch a premium price in the market for uniform, evenly shaped potatoes.

Products Company Offered:

Kufri Lavkar, Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Badshah, Lady Rosento, and Chipsona.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Natural Life Sciences Tissue Culture Lab
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