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Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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As agronomists and professional advisors Omnia is continually investigating new technologies and working practices to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

That’s why they developed Omnia, to tie together the newest technologies with expert insight to help growers improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. By targeting agronomy at its core, Omnia makes it easier than ever for growers and agronomists to access and interpret their information to make management decisions.

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New Omnia Carbon Cost of Production tool launched
January 07, 2022

Omnia introduces tool to estimate carbon footprint of agricultural production

It’s clearly understood that improved farm productivity is good for business and more recently, for carbon footprint. But the challenge has always been how to measure the cost of producing a particular crop with regards to carbon.