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Patatas Sarriegui

Patatas Sarriegui's potato crisps are traditionally made and the recipe is based on their own savoir-faire and experience they have been gaining throughout the years in the little shop in San Sebastian's historical city.

Sarriegui patatas fritas are made in San Sebastien in the Basque Country. They specially select the finest potatoes then season and pack the crisps by hand. Sarriegui are well known throughout Spain for premium potato crisps, and all their crisps are gluten free.

The crisps have an enticing olive oil aroma and mild flavour that will appeal to all. Serve with wine, beer or cocktails, or alongside light meals.

Sarriegui potato crisps are exclusively made in the traditional manner and virgin olive oil and potatoes are the sole ingredients. They make both salted and salt free crisps that are preservative free and gluten free.

They can be purchased in groceries, supermarkets, delicatessen, as well as in restaurants and catering industry, pubs, hotels, among others.

Sarriegui is a benchmark for premium potato crisps, not only in Basque Country, but in other Spanish regions too: Navarre, La Rioja, Aragon, Cantabria, the Canary Isles, including Madrid, Barcelona and some other cities such as Tarragona, Elche, etc.

Besides, their crisps can be purchased in some establishments in Great-Britain, Southern France and Belgium.
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