Patwary Potato Flakes

Patwary Potato Flakes is a manufacturer of Potato Flakes located in Bangladesh. Patwary Potato Flakes was established in 2004.

The potato flakes production plant has been set up in Chandpur, 105 km from the capital Dhaka. The processing machinery is imported from the Netherlands and all processing is done under the guidance of foreign and Bangladeshi experts.

At present 7200 MT of flakes are produced annually. It is 100% export oriented industry and the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

Patwary Potato Flakes Ltd has a cold storage to store more than 20,000 tons of potatoes, so the company is able to produce potato flakes year round.

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Patwary Potato Flakes
  • 15 Dilkusha C/A (7th Floor)
    Dhaka - 1000