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Potato rots in Chandpur cold storages as overloading raises temperature

April 24, 2008
A huge amount of potato is rotting at several cold storages in Chandpur Sadar, Matlab, Hajiganj, and Kochua upazilas, said affected potato growers, traders and middlemen.

About 1,500 potato growers, traders and middlemen who stored their potatoes at Patwary Cold Storage, the largest one in the district, are in great despair as good amount the potatoes kept there have rotten.

Asked about the matter, cold storage manager Kader Master said the situation has arisen due to overloading of potatoes.

“Due to over-storage, required temperature cannot be maintained and potatoes are are rotting,” Agriculture Extension Department Deputy Director Abdur Rashid said.

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Patwary Potato Flakes is a manufacturer of Potato Flakes located in Bangladesh. Patwary Potato Flakes was established in 2004.